Better Nutrition for Better Soil, Better Plants and a Better Environment
21-0-6 Formula Provides
  • Premium performance, Organic and Natural Based

  • Zero Phosphorus

  • Six Organic Slow Release Nitrogens  Feed up to 9 months

  • 10 naturally chelated Micro-Nutrients for the Most Complete Turf Nutrition

  • No fillers, 100% nutrients & proprietary soil builders

  • Made to Animal Feed Grade Standards for unsurpassed safety for children, animals and the environment

  • Sustainable Bags reduces waste to landfills*

Part of the
Family of Plant Nutrition and Soil Amendment Products

* Natural Products Research supports Sustainability by managing consumption of resources for healthy ecosystems and environments. This plain white bag with a simple label eliminates unnecessary ink and glossy materials our environment does not need. Our approach also helps eliminate waste from damaged bags and obsolete bags, often amounting to thousands of tons in our landfills.

Landscaper's Choice TM

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