Sustainable Solutions for Growth


Natural and organic fertilizer solutions for better results in soil.
AminOrganiX products improve:
Fruit, Vegetables, Nuts…


When you use AminOrganiX products, you’re helping promote the natural abilities of plants, trees and grasses to return nutrients back to the soil in and around the root zone.

Landscaper's Choice



Our products increase root mass and help reduce water use by nearly 30%. Essential carbohydrates feed the soil around plants while making better use of available water.

That’s the simple answer, of course there’s more science to it, but the result is a richer growing environment and greener, more robust plants, trees, turf and lawns, and ornamentals… That's what it's all about!


Total Plant Nutrition
  • Reduced applications

  • Early green-up and consistent color throughout the season

  • Increases root mass

  • Reduces watering by nearly 30%

  • ZERO phosphorus

  • AmniOrganix products promote carbon sequestration

  • The most complete turf nutrition with 10 natural micro-nutrients

  • NO manures, NO fillers, made of 100% proprietary soil builders

  • Unsurpassed safety for people, plants and pets

  • Manufactured to feed grade standards

  • Sustainable packaging reduces landfill waste



Landscaper's Choice
Natural Fertilizers

Landscaper's Choice!

AminOrganiX flagship product is Landscaper's Choice - a premium performance, organic- and natural- based fertilizer containing NO phosphorus. 


AminOrganiX Organic Fertilizers

Organic 9-3-7

For a 100% FDA certified organic solution, try AminOrganiX 9-3-7.

Watch these videos for more information!
Why Landscaper's Choice?
Our Founder's Story.


Since 1995, AminOrganiX natural and organic based sustainable fertilizers have been enhancing the natural food supply in the soil to provide better nutrition for better soil, better plants and a better environment. 


You won't find manures, just natural ingredients to ensure people, animals and plants can work and play immediately after application.


Our organic and natural products perform for fruits, vegetables, turf, nuts and ornamentals with unique nutritional benefits from sustainable sources.


Our mission is to increase plant and soil health while enhancing productivity by providing the highest-performing sustainable products that are safe for people, pets and the environment.


How and where to use our products?
Just about anywhere you can think of...

What are you growing?
You can use AminOrganiX products just about anywhere you can think of, to grow better results, while you help improve the environment.

AminOrganiX products are that safe and that effective.
For more information, check out the products pages.
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