Sustainable Solutions for Growth


Natural and organic solutions to improve agriculture while protecting the environment


Total Plant Nutrition

Aminorganix fertilizers are formulated to supplement the natural food supply in the soil. Made from natural, organic and animal feed grade sustainable elements, these fertilizers are broadly focused on not only present nutrient requirements but future requirements as well.

Improving the Soil

Every Aminorganix fertilizer enhances the soil by increasing root mass, providing complete plant nutrition and no waste. Essential carbohydrates ensure the plants will export their own carbohydrates and other nutrients back into the microclimate around the plant root zone, enhancing the soil while making better use of available water.

Feeds for Land and Sea

Aminorganix sustainable technology provides feeds for animals and fish for organic production. High efficiency feeds provide immediate protein absorption, requiring less digestive energy. 

Founders Message
Why Landscaper's Choice?


Aminorganix started in 1995 producing natural and organic based sustainable fertilizers that enhance the natural food supply in the soil to provide better nutrition for better soil, better plants, and a better environment. 


You won't find manures, just animal feed grade ingredients to ensure that people, animals, and plants can work and play around immediately after application.


We make organic and natural products that perform for fruits, vegetables, turf, nuts and ornamentals with unique nutritional benefits from sustainable resources.


Our mission is to provide the highest performance sustainable products that increase productivity while enhancing the environment. 






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